Unemployment for people with disabilities stands at 82%. Together, we can help change that.

For able-bodied workers, starting a business of their own has always been one of the enduring symbols of the American dream. There is no reason why people with disabilities cannot share in that same American dream. That is why Eisenhower has launched its first independent, start-up venture: Ike Bites dog treats.

For more than 30 years, Eisenhower Center has partnered with business and manufacturers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to provide vocational training and jobs for people with disabilities.


Our niche focuses on assembly, packaging, mail order and product rework services. These partnerships continue to play a vital role in our mission. However, in recent years a number of our key partners have gone out of business. Others have cut back drastically on production. And with the unemployment rate for people with disabilities at 82%, the need to create jobs for our clientele is greater than ever before.


The Ike Bites dog treat business represents a key first step in making this happen. To order Ike Bites for your home or business, go to our order page.

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