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Healthy Gourmet Chicken Dog Treats

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4 oz. (S)
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60 - 65 treats*
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120 - 125 treats*

With Ike Bites Natural Chicken Treats You Know Your Dog Feels Good

Ike Bites knows your dog is like another child to you, but unlike with a child, you never know how your dog might be feeling after she eats. Children can tell you, but with dogs you can only guess. There are some signs to watch for in extreme circumstances, but on a day-to-day basis, can you know how your dog’s treats are making her feel? It’s a problem whether you’re serving beef, peanut butter or chicken treats.

Most ingredients lists for leading dog treats are puzzling. What on earth is choline or panthothenic acid or choline in those treats? Sure, these treat preservatives are approved by the FDA, but how does your dog feel when she eats them?

Chicken Dog Treats Made with Six Familiar Ingredients

Ike Bites gourmet chicken dog treats offer peace of mind about your pup. Each Ike Bites all-natural dog treat you feed your dog is made of only six ingredients. You know them all. You eat them, in fact. Every ingredient in our chicken dog treats is natural, and the limited number of them reduces your pup’s chance of discomfort, indigestion and gas. Treating with Ike Bites chicken treats means you’ll no longer need to investigate every out-of-the-ordinary sound or behavior to ensure your friend is feeling well. You can spend less energy Googling symptoms of dog indigestion and more energy brushing Lacie’s shiny coat or teaching Blaze how to actually drop that tennis ball!

Why Do Dogs Love Chicken So Much?!

Dogs are carnivores; they’re meant to eat meat. Chicken is a lean meat that provides sustainable energy the way nature intended, so dogs are naturally drawn to its health benefits, and broth from real chicken rarely interferes with digestion.

At Ike Bites, we understand your dog deserves a tasty and nutritious treat every time he shakes your hand and wows your guests or for no reason at all. When that’s the case, Ike Bites gourmet chicken treats are the best option for your furry little friend!

All Ike Bites dog treats are human-grade and hand-made at our facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Each of them is baked with human-grade, all-natural ingredients, including whole wheat flour, chicken broth, cornmeal, skim milk, canola oil, and eggs.  Letting your puppy chow down on Ike Bites is the best way to please their taste buds and satisfy their growling stomach.

Benefits of your healthy dog from Ike Bites natural chicken treats include:

  • Satisfies hunger
  • Shiny coat
  • More energy
  • Happier demeanor
  • Satisfaction

Ike Bites Chicken Dog Treats Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Chicken Broth, Cornmeal, Nonfat Milk, Canola Oil, and Egg.

Bulk orders also qualify for discounts. Contact us for a wholesale quote!

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