Wisconsin Non-Profit Provides Jobs for Adults with Disabilities

Gourmet Dog Treat Bakers Empowering Milwaukee’s Disabled Community

Gino Makes Gourmet Dog Treats

Ike Bites was founded to give. We give our customers crunchy, delicious dog treats that ship across Milwaukee. We give Milwaukee’s disabled community the dignity and confidence of a job. Around 70% of the disabled adults' community in America is unemployed. Even those who are employed typically earn only 2/3 of a median American salary. They can’t find entry-level positions or education to learn the skills to be successful in the workplace, creating a vicious cycle.

Ike Bites is a Milwaukee partner of the Eisenhower Center. We help visionary entrepreneurs who have disabilities learn the skills they need to enter the workforce. We teach collaboration, marketing, quality control, business management, and money management. We empower Milwaukee’s disabled community by putting our clients on the path to a job.

Gino is one of our Ike Bites gourmet dog treat bakers. He cherishes using tools like rolling pins, wax papers, and cutting boards to prepare our fresh ingredients. After only a few practice batches, Gino's delicate star-shaped dog treats came from the oven, golden-hued. A crisp peanut butter aroma breezed through our makeshift kitchen. Gino celebrated that first exquisite pan of treats with high-fives and hugs. Since then, he’s become Ike Bites’ premiere gourmet treats chef. Gino is the Face of Ike Bites, the essence of what we stand for and why we founded the enterprise.

Self-sustaining jobs give entrepreneurs like Gino a sense of purpose and confidence. A gourmet dog treats enterprise is especially empowering because our employees witness accomplishment throughout the process. They blend our natural homemade dough and fashion them into shapes. They bake the treats at the perfect temperature for an impeccable crunch. As they market their gourmet dog treats, they celebrate what their hands have made.

The most memorable part for our gourmet dog treat bakers, though, is seeing pups across Milwaukee munching the fruits of their labor. Corgies sit, shake, and lay down for our treats. Golden Retrievers roll over in the grass. Huskies lick their muzzles in anticipation. Our employees beam as they see what their hard work creates.

We delight in the Ike Bites enterprise. It can change our community, our families, and our state because it provides capable, hardworking, and kind people the opportunity to make a living for themselves.

You can be a part of this too. Join us by volunteering, purchasing our dog treats, and sharing our mission. Every penny we make goes to supporting our hard-working staff and supporting more Milwaukeeans with disabilities.  We know you can choose gourmet dog treats from the grocery store and your dog won’t mind. But we’d like to think that Ike Bites, baked with the love and support of our employees, their families, and our community partners, taste just a little bit better than something made in a factory. We might be sentimental. But if you buy our treats, you’re making a difference for our employees and their families. That’s what matters to us.

Meet Our Staff

Meet Gino

Master Networker

Gino loves learning, and he’s eager to gain new skills. You’ll know Gino when you see him. He’s the first to greet new visitors and loves connecting with other…

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Meet Donald

Determined. Capable. Resourceful.

Donald is a fast and fastidious baker, but it wasn’t always that way. When he started, Donald worked slowly, perfecting our star-shaped dog treats with some struggles. In…

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Meet Phyllis

Focused. Driven. Witty.

She’s one of our most senior employees but insists age is a state of mind. Phyllis has taught us you are as young as you feel. She keeps her ambitious colleagues youthful…

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Meet Megan

Precise. Motivated. Introspective.

Beneath Megan’s quiet demeanor is the heart of a master achiever! With a knack for precision and packaging, Megan verifies the amount of dog treats in each bag on the…

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Meet Dion

Collaborative. Meticulous. Versatile.

A man of few words, Dion values baking gourmet dog treats for Ike Bites for the skills he can use in the future. Together, Dion and Donald make a great baking team with Dion…

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Meet Peaches

Endearing. Entrepreneurial. Resourceful.

Everyone who bakes with Peaches knows she gives 110% to the art of crafting our incredible dog treats. In fact, Peaches’ commitment to perfect dog treats impressed…

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Meet Melodie

On point. Service-minded. Selfless.

Melodie loves baking peanut butter molasses Ike Bites because the smell of the gourmet homemade treats reminds her of helping her grandmother bake cookies and cakes when Melodie…

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Meet Chris

Visionary. Entrepreneur. Leader.

Chris loves learning, and he’s eager to gain new skills. You’ll know Chris when you see him. He’s usually carrying an old-fashioned boom-box and wearing…

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