News About Wisconsin Non-Profits, Dog Treats and Everything In-Between

What's the deal with homemade dog treats?

DIY Dog Treats: Benefits, Risks & Solutions  Making dog treats at home can be awesome—but more often than not, the risks outweigh the benefits. But before you prep your ingredients, take these 5 things into account:  1. DIY…

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Ike Bite Dog Treats - Made By Special Hands

Healthy dog treat business, started by the clients at Eisenhower Center, to gain valuable vocational skills and make dogs happy everywhere!

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Do Dogs Like to Earn Their Treats?

Dogs and treats. It's a love story going all the way back in time.  But is it better to give dogs treats "with no strings attached" or to help them earn their treats? Researchers in Sweeden seem to have solved this age-old riddle: Dogs prefer to earn…

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This Dog's Long and Winding Road Led to Her OWN Door Home!

Never give up on Man's Best Friend. The loyalty of this dog is amazing - as is the story of her journey home is an inspiration for anyone who has had to overcome obstacles in…

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Will Dog Treats Solve Employment for Workers with Diabilities?

Ike Bites recently stage a major PR coup with a piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Making dog treats involves a host of skills that abled-bodied workers may take for granted. This included weighing, measuring, cooking and packaging, along with…

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Some Dogs Love Yoga, Too!

Taking man's best friend to a WHOLE new level. Could be the start of a great new market for dog owners and their 4-legged friends. Yoga and Me!  This dog deserves some Ike Bites - does yours, too?

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