What's the deal with homemade dog treats?

DIY Dog Treats: Benefits, Risks & Solutions 

Making dog treats at home can be awesome—but more often than not, the risks outweigh the benefits. 
But before you prep your ingredients, take these 5 things into account: 

1. DIY dog treat recipes can (accidentally) include toxic ingredients Are homemade dog treats safe

Just because a recipe is posted by a "pet guru" doesn't necessarily mean it's safe to give your pup. Even if the recipe is vet-approved, you run the risk of accidentally including a potentially toxic ingredient. Be prepared to scour the nutrition facts of every ingredient you use, and compare them to a dog's normal diet.

2. Overfeeding is common 

Most owners feed their dog according to the feeding guidelines on dog food or treats. Dog treats made at home lack detailed nutritional information, making it easy to give too many. If you rely on treats to supplement your dog’s caloric intake or are a generous treat-giver, reconsider making your own dog treats. 

3. Making dog treats at home is an expensive commitment

If you want to reap the financial benefits of homemade dog treats, be ready to spend money up front—a lot of it.
To save money long-term, you should buy all the ingredients in bulk, invest in a quality vacuum sealer, and be prepared for setbacks (failed batches, spoiled ingredients, etc.).

4. DIY dog treats can be high in fat

Humans aren't the only ones; dogs need to watch their fat intake, too. Fat needs to be carefully balanced with calories to
keep your pup healthy. Many homemade dog treat recipes don’t reflect this, and run the risk of risk of damaging a dog's long-term health. 

5. Dog treat bakeries (like Ike Bites) are vetted for your pup’s safety—homemade dog treats recipes aren't.

The FDA has high standards about what goes into dog treats, and Ike Bites' standards are even higher. The same regulations
don’t apply to homemade dog treat recipes; If you make dog treats at home, there’s no promise of the recipe’s health, safety
or ingredient standards, running the risk of harming your pup.

Ike Bites makes FDA-approved, all-natural, gourmet dog treats

With Ike Bites, you never need to worry about ingredients, vet approval or overfeeding. Our affordable dog treats use human-grade ingredients for
an all-natural, delicious result.

Contact Ike Bites online for more information, or for wholesale order placement. 

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