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Healthy, grain-free dog treats

Grain-free dog treats and food have been rising in popularity—and with good reason! Grains aren’t actually part of a dog’s natural diet. They’re filler ingredients added to increase profit-margins for bulk dog food manufacturers. Grain additives take up away space, pushing healthy ingredients to the bottom of the list. 

The good news: Not with Ike Bites! Our gourmet, grain-free dog treats give your dog what it needs to be happy, healthy and satisfied. 

Ike Bites Grain-Free Dog Treats Ingredients: Garbanzo bean flour, nonfat milk, peanut butter, baking powder and molasses

Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Treats: When dogs eat grain-free, they…

  • Retain more nutrients from their food
  • Grow a healthier, shinier coat
  • Gain energy—no more lethargic pups!
  • Have less frequent, smaller stools
  • Lead a higher-quality, healthier life


Affordable, Grain-Free Dog Treats

The downside to going grain-free? Grain-free dog treats tend to be more expensive. But not at Ike Bites. Our grain-free dog treats are the same price as our other recipes because every dog deserves a happy, healthy life.

Our gourmet, handmade dog treats are baked without any corn, rice or flour, ensuring your dogs get the healthy, nutritious treats they deserve!

Ike Bites Dog Treats: Nonprofit Pet Bakery

Every treat you buy from Ike Bikes helps provide for someone with disabilities. All our dog treats are made by hand right here in the USA by people with disabilities using no-nonsense, human-grade ingredients. We use only human-grade ingredients for a delicious, healthy dog treat!

Bulk orders also qualify for discounts. Contact us for a wholesale quote!

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