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Gourmet Beef Dog Treats for Healthy Pups 

Studies show dogs love their owner’s praise just as much as eating treats. And, when you combine praise with Ike Bites' preservative-free dog treats, tails are sure to wag! 

No matter how picky your dog may be, you can rest assured they'll love Ike Bites’ delicious beef-flavored dog treats. We have a 100% success rate on dog satisfaction, from the choosiest chihuahua to the hungriest husky. 

All Ike Bites treats are handmade with love in our Milwaukee facility and are baked with all human-grade ingredients. We use absolutely no preservatives or additives; our treats are all-natural. Purchase Ike Bites online, and make your furry friend's day!

Ike Bites Beef Dog Treats Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Beef Broth, Cornmeal, Nonfat Milk, Canola Oil, and Egg.

Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Healthy, Happy Dogs

Ike Bites believes your dog deserves more. We list all ingredients clearly and honestly and use only human-grade consumables. The best part of our tasty dog snacks is that all the proceeds go back into the community and provide jobs for people with disabilities.

American-Made Dog Treats from Ike Bites  

The movement toward natural, American-made dog treats is making dogs everywhere happier and healthier. Thousands of dogs get sick every year from eating imported dog treats, which are made in countries without American health regulations. Within the past few years, Americans have taken it upon themselves to change this, and a number of gourmet, all-natural dog treat bakeries have popped up to protect our dogs. 

Affordable, Healthy & Natural Dog Treats 

Some for-profit dog bakeries use inflated prices and lackluster ingredients that harm your dog and your wallet. Woofables and other “gourmet” dog bakeries use brewers yeast in many of their products, which can be extremely toxic to canine livers and can even cause allergies and arthritis. 

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