Where to Buy Gourmet Dog Treats

How and Where Can You Buy Ike Bites Gourmet Handmade Dog Treats?

1. Online

In moments, you can request a bag of savory, nutritious Ike Bites all natural gourmet dog treats for your leashed lad or lassie with our simple order form while your buddy is curled up at your feet. Our valued Ike Bites bakers and entrepreneurs will quickly pack and ship your order. Shipping is free!

2. In-Person at Community Pet Stores and Boutiques

Dog people love meeting other dog people and chatting about their prized companions. They always have much in common, and it unites them. Ike Bites cherishes seeing dog owners bond with one another as their dogs swirl around their feet in the local Milwaukee dog parks or while they’re stopped in the middle of a walk. Dogs don’t just sweeten our lives. They build and sweeten communities, too.

We love selling our scrumptious natural dog treats the old fashioned way through mom-and-pop places throughout the country. Picking up our gourmet treats at these places lets you contribute to small business, and you may even get an opportunity to tell some folks about the new roll-over trick Fido just learned!  

Find a pet store carrying Ike Bites Dog Treats nearest you

Ike Bites are Sold In-Store in These States:

Buy Online with Free Shipping in the Lower 48 States:

*For orders to Alaska or Hawaii, please call or send Ike Bites a message

N. Hampshire
New Mexico
N. Dakota
Rhode Island
S. Carolina
S. Dakota
W. Virginia

Join the Ike Bites Pack

Want to become more involved in making dogs happy and creating job opportunities for people with disabilities? Know of a small business near you that might like to help? Chat with us about buying dog treats in bulk or wholesale dog treat options. We’re always looking for more partners to join our pack. It takes a lot of hands (and paws) to make the world a better place.

Where to Buy Gourmet Dog Treats

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Wherever You Buy Your Gourmet Ike Bites Dog Treats, You’re Helping Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

In southeastern Wisconsin, able-bodied, ambitious entrepreneurs struggle to find gainful work. Eighty-two percent of Milwaukee’s exceptional residents are, in fact, unemployed. Meaningful employment builds confidence, and it sustains communities for vulnerable populations. Ike Bites is proud of our employees, and we work one-on-one with them to develop transferable skills that open doors for other jobs down the road while making healthy gourmet dog treats. 

When you buy gourmet dog treats from Ike Bites, wherever you buy, your purchase matters. Ike Bites is a partner of the Eisenhower Center. The center supports small assembly, packaging and mail order businesses that employ adults with disabilities. Happy dogs matter just as much to us as happy employees.

Contact us online, or visit one of our growing number of in-store locations all around the United States today!

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