Wholesale Chicken Dog Treats

All-Natural Dog Treats

All of our dog treats are specially crafted in house by our wonderful staff, with simple and organic ingredients sure to be a hit with any dog owner who wants the best for their companion.

Each treat is handmade by adults with disabilities at the Eisenhower Center in Milwaukee, WI. Our employees provide your special pals with delicious and healthy snack alternatives. 


Wholesale Chicken Gourmet Dog TreatsSimple Ingredients—More Delicious Than Ever

Our ingredients are all-natural and locally sourced not only to benefit our local community but also to ensure we’re crafting the best possible product we can. Our Chicken Treats include:

  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Nonfat Milk Powder
  • Chicken Broth
  • Cornmeal
  • Canola Oil
  • Eggs


And THAT’S IT! You’ll be amazed by how much your customers will love our treats. Check out our gourmet treat page for more nutritional information.

Ingredient Benefits

Amino acids-promote collagen production for skin health
Iron-boosts hemoglobin and is vital for immune system function
Antioxidants-protect cells from damage
Fiber-promotes a healthy weight
Magnesium-supports the immune system and muscle function
Phosphorous-used to strengthen bones and teeth
Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)-Protects the heart by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol
Vitamin B-responsible for red blood cell and nervous system function

Give your dog the gourmet, nutritional snacks they deserve and help a great cause with Ike Bites.

Save Money with Our Wholesale Prices

Buying wholesale is great for businesses and families with multiple dogs.  Shelters, local pet stores, grooming businesses, or pet boarding services can save big through wholesale purchases. Buying wholesale limits packaging costs and offers an overall production discount, which means more money in your pocket. Let Ike Bites help you provide healthy dog treats and maximize your profits. Check out our other flavors, including chicken dog treatsbeef dog treats, and grain-free dog treats.

Choosing The Right Treats to Train Your Dog

1. Find a treat your dog will go the distance for. It needs to be delicious if your dog is going to stay motivated.
2. Look at treat size. You need to feed your dog a lot of treats while training, so it’s best to get smaller treats or break up a bigger treat into smaller pieces.
3. Choose healthy treats. You want your dog to stay healthy, and the best way to promote healthy dogs is to give them healthy food.
4. Pick a variety of treats so your dog doesn’t get bored. Your pup needs to stay motivated, and mixing it up is a great way to help with that! Ike Bites comes in several different flavors that are healthy and delicious.

A Company That Cares

Our non-profit organization creates more opportunities for the disabled community by creating jobs, building social interaction skills, developing safe learning experiences, and more! Help us on our way to a brighter future by donating to Ike Bites Dog Treats non-profit business.

Discounted Orders

Bulk orders may qualify for discounts! Contact us to get your wholesale dog treat quote started.

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